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Ergoview is one of the most important Ergonomic Laboratory dedicated to improve human performance and well-being. In our laboratories we study the human functionality to define features of tools and object that have a directly relationship with the human body.

In our Laboratories the specialist staff composed from technicians and scientists study  every day new solution through biomechanical analysis, work physiology, muscle control and mechanical joint, cognitive ergonomics, and safety.

Our laboratory is equipped with new technological instrumentation like: Motion Analysis Equipment; Electromyography Equipment (EMG); Anthropometry, Strength, and Force Testing Equipment; Eye Tracking Systems; Vibration Equipment; Environmental Measurement Equipment and Materials test machines.

Ergoview is a good partner for companies who search an Innovative R&D Company to improve their products.

We work in Sport, Rehabilitation Tools and Machinery, Bedding, House & Kitchen Small Appliances, Electronics Instruments, Glasses, Watches, Cars, Ergonomic Risk Factors on Workplace.

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